About Hammer OS

Hammer OS ruins anything!

Install it on:


Desktop Hammer OS


Mobile Hammer OS


Hammer OS Sledge

Even Kitchen Appliances!

Toaster Hammer OS

If you can’t install Hammer OS on it, it doesn’t exist!

Why choose Hammer OS?

  • One-step Installation.
    • It’s so simple, a Neanderthal could do it (and probably has).
  • Totally Secure. No viruses — ever.**
    • No other operating system can compete with Hammer OS on security.
    • There are no known exploits for Hammer OS, and there never will be
  • Simple to use. “It just works, out of the shed.”
    • No more fighting with unintuitive interfaces. Hammer OS gets the job done fast so you’ll have more time to do the things that really matter in life
  • Cost effective.
    • Hammer OS is cheap, and convenient as your local hardware store
  • Interoperable.
    • Hammer OS makes everything work consistently, no matter the hardware
  • Help and support
    • You won’t need it, because with Hammer OS, nothing can go wrong.

Install Hammer OS today!

* We recommend the Sledge Edition for those mission-critical jobs
** This feature applies only to non-living installations. Viruses may be persist on biological implementations of Hammer OS