Who needs Eskom when you’ve got Hammer OS?

Hammer BulbFor those of you who get your Hammer OS news in South Africa, you might be thinking ahead to winter with some trepidation.

Eskom, the national electricity provider, has problems meeting the country’s electrical demand. They’ve started investing heavily in building new power stations, but it’s going to take a while before the supply catches up with demand.

Until then, there will be many power outages, and power outages are a thing that South Africans get very charged up about.

Avoid all the frustration of losing electrical power unexpectedly. Install Hammer OS, and never let another power failure take you by surprise again.

Just install Hammer OS on every electrical appliance in your home or business. Hammer OS requires absolutely no electrical power. In fact, once you’ve installed Hammer OS, we recommend you keep appliances away from live wires due to the potential fire hazard.

Once everything is running Hammer OS you’ll never suffer from downtime again as you learn to function as productively as your ancestors did before the industrial revolution.


One Response to “Who needs Eskom when you’ve got Hammer OS?”

  1. HammerOS FTW! Is there anything this miracle tool can’t do?!?

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