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Hammer OS Certified Systems Engineer

Posted in Hammer OS in use, Hammer OS legends with tags , , , , , , on January 15, 2009 by Neil Robinson
Hammer OS Chuck has a huge... hammer

Hammer OS Chuck has a huge... hammer

Not just anyone can become a HOCSE. It takes dedication, determination, and life-long commitment.

To date, there is only one person who has what it takes. His name is Dave Pahl or, as we here at Hammer OS corporate headquarters like to call him, Hammer OS Chuck.

This man has installed Hammer OS on more objects than we have names for, and he has a specialised hammer for almost every single one of those items.

If you are struggling to install Hammer OS on something, unlikely as that may be, talk to Hammer OS Chuck. If he doesn’t have the right hammer to install the customised version of Hammer OS you need, then it can’t be done.